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So Donald Trump had a big announcement for us today?  I admit, I haven’t been on pins and needles about it myself, but I was aware that he was attempting to hog the spotlight today.

He’s been hyping it up for the last 48 hours that he had something big to say that concerned Barack Obama. Everyone speculated what it would be about. Was it old divorce papers that the Obama’s were close to filing? Was it a new birth certificate showing proof that Barack was not a natural born American citizen? Go head, Donald tell us what it is!

Well we got our answer at Noon today. Mr. Trump announced that he would donate 5 million dollars to the charity of Barack’s choice if he would release his passport or college records. Yes, that was it! His announcement was met with the thud that it deserved when he dropped it, but that wasn’t enough as far as I’m concerned. This man is out of line as of right now. He has disrespected my President and our President for too long now. Who are you to demand anything of this man the way that you are? What gives you the right to make any demands of him? I’m almost so angry to the point that I’m having problems typing this.

And my real problem here is the hip-hop culture that I proudly claim citizenship in. Where are the voices of today that would denounce this nonsense in song or speech? Where are the Chuck D’s and KRS-One’s of this generation who will stand up and say that there is a big wrong in the room. Better yet, why doesn’t his “friends” like Russell Simmons and P Diddy speak out? These are people who consider themselves friends of his. Why aren’t you speaking up right now? Are you scared? Is it a money thing? Does this generation respect money so much that they will mute their voice in fear of loosing status? If so, then you need to get all the way the fuck out of Hip-Hop!

Hip-Hop was never made to be quiet. From the beginning we were loud as hell about everything that we saw wrong, almost to a fault. From the drugs in our community to the person sitting in the White House, we had an opinion and freely voiced. To know that the people who could move people with their message today choose to use it to move asses in the club or dope through the streets rather than to rile up the people is amazing to me! There are far too few Killer Mikes and Dead Prez and way too many “Turn off the Lights” and “Birthday Songs.” Now I know every bodies lane in life isn’t to be a revolutionary. Everyone isn’t meant to speak up and speak out. But if you can, why wouldn’t you? Why would you stay silent when you see something so wrong? And I’m speaking about Hip-Hop! This isn’t a Black and White convo, this is about our culture and at what time we decided that it would be better to assimilate than standout?

So yes, I ask Russell Simmons and Diddy and Lil John and everyone who’s ever associated with, or been apart of anything that this man has done to let their voice be heard about this mission to disrespect and belittle our President. Enough is enough. Stop using our culture and start using our culture!

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