Change In The Game Documentary Asks Hip-Hop Fans Some Important Questions

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Being a hip-hop fan can be difficult. The culture that grew from the Bronx and spread around the world has grown to the point where it can mean, look and present itself as something different to everybody, depending on who you are speaking to at the moment.

Hip-Hop legend, Nas caused a firestorm when he named his album, “Hip-Hop Is Dead,” creating a rift in the hip-hop world with many asking, “What is really hip-hop?” The answer to that question has never really been defined. This past October, director Will Feagins attempted to address that issue through his film, “Change In The Game.”

The 30 minute documentary debuted during the inaugural A3C Hip-Hop Film Festival and has since gone on to win several awards, posed that question to several high-profile independent artists in the city of Atlanta. Change in the Game discusses some of the changes that have affected how Hip-Hop is created and received as well as factors that influenced those changes such as, technology, commercial success and the relationship between the artists new and old.


The discussion went further this past weekend when the film held a public viewing at the Auburn Library in Atlanta. A panel featuring some of the subjects of the film where some those same topics along with more were discussed with an audience.

After the showing and the panel, HHE had a chance to speak with Will about this film. How the film changed his own opinion of hip-hop and what he has planned next.

Hip Hop Will, how did you get into filmmaking?

Will Feagins: I’m originally from Pittsburgh, but now I’m in Atlanta. I went to the Art Institute a longtime ago where I studied music video production. So I got into filmmaking doing music videos. That’s kinda what sparked my interest and it went from there.

Hip Hop Enquirer: How did “Changing The Game” come about?

Will Feagins: “Change In The Game” about because I was commissioned to put together a film for the A3C Hip-Hop Film festival in October 2012. That’s where the film’s idea originally came from. Part of it was personal as most projects that people put together are. Me being an older fan of hip-hop, and witnessing the different changes I’ve seen and I how I feel about the changes.

Hip Hop Enquirer: Since completing film, has your opinion about hip-hop changed any?

Will Feagins: My opinion hasn’t really changed. If what’s being presented to the masses isn’t what you prefer, that doesn’t mean that the stuff that you prefer isn’t there anymore. You just have to search it out.

Hip Hop Enquirer: Have you thought about extending the film any or doing a sequel to the project?

Will Feagins: I haven’t decided about extending it yet. There are other ideas I have about short documentaries about hip-hop where we can continue the discussion. I’m thinking about doing a film specifically about the age issue in hip-hop. At some point 30 is too old? When you get to be 40 in American society, you’re starting to be written off. So I want to do something that ties all that together as well.

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