Lil Wayne Explains The Reasons Behind His Disparaging Comments Towards The NBA And The Miami Heat [Audio]

Lil Wayne Refuses To Apologize For “F The NBA” Comments


Lil Wayne caused a stir this All-Star Weekend with his “F the NBA” rants and calling out LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and saying he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife.

The YMCMB head took to the airwaves at Miami radio station 99 Jamz and explained his comments but refusing to apologize or take anything back except for his remarks towards LeBron.


“I don’t apologize for that night. I don’t apologize for being who I am. That’s who I am, and yes, I did say those things. Only thing I do want to take back from saying that night, I said ‘F— LeBron,’ I didn’t mean to say that because me and LeBron we are cool and I’m really cool with his mom and we have a real good relationship. That’s my homie but it just slipped out. I didn’t mean to say that. Other than that though I don’t take nothing back.”

Now D. Wade is another story. Lil Wayne said that he spends $1.5 million on NBA season tickets to watch the Miami Heat play and that he gets a cold feel from them. After some heated words with Dwyane Wade, Lil Wayne told the station,

“I was at the game, rooting for the Lakers, saying ‘Chris Bosh you can’t hit a shot; D-Wade stop crying,’ I’m saying whatever I wanna say, I’m a fan of who I’m a fan of. Then Dwyane Wade comes over and he looks at me. I said, ‘Y’all don’t f— with me, so I don’t f— with ya’ll. Yall don’t f— with me.’ [Wade] looked me dead in my eye and his exact words were, ‘We don’t.’ He didn’t say, ‘I don’t,’ he said, ‘We don’t.’ So I said ‘OK, well f— you’ then. He said ‘well f— you.’

After that exchange, Lil Wayne says it was “F— everything about the Heat.”


Lil Wayne also talks about being bumped from a performance with Alicia Keys during All-Star Weekend’s Halftime show and not being allowed to participate in a dunk by Gerald Green in the Slam Dunk contest.

Before leaving though Lil Wayne did make things right with the people of Miami and let them know where his issues were coming from.

“I ain’t apologetic for being who I am. I am who I am, and doing what I do, is what I do. As far as the city of Miami, I do wanna apologize for the misunderstanding and whatever has everybody thinking that I have something against the city, because that’s totally wrong. These people accepted me with open arms since day one, since I was a Hot Boy. It’s just totally sports, this ain’t got nothing to do with the city of Miami.”

Listen to the interview below as he also spoke about the ban from the NBA which turns out not be as extreme as he thought: Still no words on the Emmett Till lyrics though…

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