Lil Wayne Goes Tribal During I Am Still Music Tour

| August 23, 2011 | 0 Comments
Weezy is gnarly in these African inspired jogging pants

 We’re starting to regard Lil Wayne as somewhat of a style rebel. Much like his lyrics and lifestyle, he’s a wildman when it comes to fashion! Case in point, during his performance at the I Am Still Music tour in Kansas City, MO, Weezy came on stage wearing this…  interesting (to say the least) get up.

Gray t-shirt, with black cap emblazoned with the word “GNARLY” outlined in green. However the most head-scratching attraction of this look is the African tribal/leopard jogging pants he wore with the rest of the look. We realize Wayne is a heavy hitter in the world of hip hop with an undeniable fan following, but tell us this, how many of you are willing to emulate this outfit on your own.

And I know you weren’t thinking that a little skateboard accident was gonna keep him from doing what he does. The object of Drake’s affection sported his newly acquired band-aid accessory covering up his stitches from his recent skateboarding accident the other day. Take a look at a few more pics below and let us know what you think!

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