Lil Wayne In Need of A Wake Up Call? (Video Inside)

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Lil Wayne and TI

With Lil Wayne’s recent hospitalizations and death scare, he could learn a thing or two from self-proclaimed ‘Troubleman’ rapper T.I.P Harris who successfully turned his life around after several stints in prison ranging from an illegal gun bust and felony drug charges at the height of his career and with Lil Wayne’s health issues many are left wondering if he can do the same. Friday – March 16th was a turning point for Wayne who casually and often raps about his drug use. Reports on TMZ had the New Orleans rapper close to his deathbed with reports of an induced coma and his mother flown in to make any medical decisions (TMZ later reported that he was still in critical condition while slowly stabilizing). Wayne’s hospital plight began in L.A. Tuesday night after suffering what sources claim to be multiple seizures. After a very short hospital stay TMZ reports the codeine loving rapper went on another sizzurp binge which resulted in him being re-admitted to the ICU on Wednesday after being found unconscious on the floor by one of his bodyguards.

[kkytv id=”GHZTkKG4r2w”]

The parallels between the two rappers is there – both Southern, similar ages and same astrological sign (Libra), street credibility, felony convictions and of course drug use but at some point Clifford ‘TI’ Harris seemed to take stock of his life and realized the “rockstar” lifestyle held a price he wasn’t willing to pay anymore and while trouble may follow him as some of his songs suggest, he appears to actively avoid it now by rehabilitating his image and lifestyle which helped turn the “Troubleman” into a family man. Lil Wayne, who has children himself, needs to wake up and go to rehab.

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