LOL: 50 Cent Talks About Trinidad James “All Gold Everything” Video And Calls Him “The Real Pimpin Curly”

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50 cent Trinidad james Pimpin Curly

Trinidad James briefly became the topic of conversation in a DJ Whoo Kid Whoolywood Shuffle discussion with 50 Cent and the actor/rapper made some funny commentary.

Low blow or innocent statement? 50 Cent says that James’s “All Gold Everything” video actually held more weight than the song. He stated that Trinidad James really jumped out there and took a 50/50 shot at making it big in hip hop. The C.E.O. of SMS Audio called Trinidad James the real “Pimpin Curly”, a character 50 Cent would play back in his comedy skit days when he was dissing rapper Rick Ross.

You see the energy that’s on the record. That record, the video was more important than the song. Yeah, what’s his name, Trinidad? That was important because it felt like, ‘Nah, this isn’t real.’ It was a risky choice because we don’t know who Trinidad James is. So for the very first time, you come out looking like that, you’re like, ‘Does this n*gga really look like that?’ When you looked at the video closer, you’re like, ‘Hold up. He’s dead serious.’ It was interesting because you’d look like, ‘Maybe there is a guy out there like that,’ because you’re just talking about clothes at that point. Everything he had on was stylish. He had the Armani draws, he had the gold rings, the Versace slippers and you can’t fake his teeth being like that. Them teeth are really f*cked up like that. He’s the real Pimpin’ Curly! [laughs] 

Check out the audio of the discussion below:

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