Lola Monroe Becomes First Lady of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang

| October 31, 2011 | 2 Comments

The #1 DC Female Rapper??

Used-to-be video vixen/model Lola Monroe, formerly known as Angel Lola Luv, has signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang imprint under Rostrum Records. This past weekend, the wannabe rapper sat down with v-103 Atlanta’s DJ Greg Street to talk about signing with Wiz.

“We got it in with Taylor Gang. We Taylored now,” said Monroe to Greg Street. “Wiz is like a positive free individual that’s about his business and that matches everything I’ve created on my side,” she Lola continued. “When he reached out, he was like, ‘I feel as though our movements represent the same thing, so I want you to rep Taylor Gang.’ And I agreed, so it’s only right.” Monroe claims that there have been other offers made to her, but that signing with Wiz, just “felt right”.

Judging from the YouTube video below, Ms. Monroe may want to consider writing a tell-all book, or opening a shoe store, or whatever it is that former video vixens do to get money, because we just don’t see it for her as a rapper. We wonder if the Wiz from two years ago, before the mainstream success, would’ve supported this? What do you think about Lola Monroe getting into the rap game, and with Wiz co-signing? Tweet us or a leave a comment.

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  1. Teo Tioliendo says:

    Lola Monroe like many Artist is multi-talented* she sings(Rap is song),she is an Actress and had performed in several movies, she is an iconic Model, the term Artist to mean has always meant the ability to do many things well, but it all starts with talent and that undeniable natural quality, a look that stands out, a sound, a voice that is unforgetable, a beauty that deserves to be seen, showcased, for there is that Star Factor* we call it the superstar. With some superstar artist this might be a triple threat, in Rap its a boss with the hip hop blitz of smooth, groove, and rule*

  2. Jonathan Scott says:

    This sounds like hate…be glad someone else is in the game now…

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