Long Live Gianni!

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R.I.P. Gianni

I just dropped a single crystal encrusted tear for the memory of Gianni Versace and the fact that we neglected to mention that it’s been 14 years since his passing on July 15th.

I remember when I was in middle school and got my first expensive taste in luxury when I was the proud owner of a navy colored cotton t-shirt emblazoned with the medusa logo on front. Couldn’t tell me back then I wasn’t the sh*t!

And what I later found out was that the Hip Hop world also embraced onto the Versace lifestyle of elegance, excess, and luxury. We can name at least 5 rappers off the top of our heads who frequently mentioned the iconic house label in their rhymes. The same can still be said for today’s MC’s. With Gianni’s younger and no less talented sister Donatella at the helm, rappers and celebrities alike are still viva la Versace!

1 of Gianni’s angels, Naomi on the runway in 1991

Drake performs in a Versace track suit

Nicki Minaj at a concert in NYC

Wade and Melo at this years mens show in Milan

Jennifer Hudson at the Oscars

Rick Ross rips the stage (and the seams) in vintage

Lady Gaga went to the archives for this Atelier jumpsuit

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