Lord Jamar Warns Ciara’s 15 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Future is Destructive to the Black Family

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Veteran rapper Lord Jamar says singer Ciara’s $15 million lawsuit against her baby daddy Future is “a destruction of the black family.” The Brand Nubian rapper says the couple-turned-enemies should patch things up to raise their son. His reason being that mothers can’t properly fill the father role for children and either can men fill the mother role. Jamar says black families need to “come together as a family unit.”

Jamar says men who are raised by a mother only will handle things wrong in the real world. “We’re seeing the ramifications of all these single mothers now,” he says in an interview with Vlad TV, “with all these young boys out here running around, killing each other based on emotion, because who was the person they looked up to? An emotional creature. It was a woman.”  He also talks about the effects of broken families in the streets, saying, “There’s a lot of accident murderers due to what we’re talking about now, some emotion.”

Jamar says both the media and the welfare system are to blame. Jamar says the media is pushing for a “battle of the sexes” and wrongly suggesting that being a family unit is more “detrimental than picking up a gun.”  When it comes to the system, he suggests welfare incentivizes mothers to not have a man or job, creating long-term problems for black sons.

Lamar also reflects on his own family, having a son and daughter each with different mothers. “When you cut out the yin and the yang,” he says, referring to a mother’s emotion and a father’s rationale, “it’s unbalanced.”


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