Los Angeles Photographer Leslie “Katwoman” Redden Wins Lawsuit Against Suge Knight and Katt Williams, Must Pay $35,000.00

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Suge Knight along with comedian Katt Williams was ordered to pay Los Angles photographer Leslie Redden for her medical bills and her camera that was stolen when she allegedly took an unwanted image of Suge Knight’s son. According to a police report that was filed back in 2015, she stated Redden stated that Katt William’s girlfriend assaulted her at the time and her camera was stolen.

According to the suit, Knight accused Redden of taking photos of him and his son after exiting through the back door of FilmOne. He then “quickly and angrily” advanced toward Redden, repeatedly calling her a “bitch” and stating he had a “bitch to come beat your motherfucking ass,” according to the complaint. He then lifted his shirt to expose his waistband to Redden.

Redden was wise enough to record her encounter with Suge Knight and Katt Williams which ultimately led to her victory

The suit continues that Redden, who claims she was not taking Knight’s photo at the time, began to flee the premises, only to then be confronted by Williams and a woman believed to be the comedian’s girlfriend. Redden alleges that the woman knocked her to the ground, after which Williams stood over her and yelled at her to delete the supposed photos of Knight. The comedian then forcibly took her camera.

Redden claims she sustained “severe injuries to her neck, back, fingers, wrist, and other parts of her body,” and that the incident caused her “great emotional pain and suffering as well as probable neurological and cognitive problems.”

Suge Knight is currently being held in a Los Angeles jail awaiting trial for murder and his bail is set at ten million dollars.


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