Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part II Recap

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The second part of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta began with what Mona Scott-Young (Host/Executive Producer of LHHATL) describes as the “most notorious love triangle on TV,” Mimi, Stevie and Joseline. Stevie claims that him and Joseline are no longer together however Joseline says she only uses him for his sex and money. We are taken back through the ‘WWF” clips of the “love triangle therapy session.” Stevie admits that he never thought a solution would stem from the therapy sessions, he only wished to put all his lies on the table. Mona also drives Stevie to elaborate on his “I Am God” and Bus Theory. Check out the clip!

Mona revisits Joseline’s childhood with a bonus clip that wasn’t added to the season. The clip depicts the broken relationship that Joseline has had with her family, especially her mother. Joseline goes on to explain how her relationship with her family has impacted her relationship with men, especially Stevie. Things get a little heated between Joseline and Mimi…Check out the clip!

Now the unanswered questions we’ve all been waiting for — Mona brings “Love Triangle 2” onto the stage with Erica, Scrappy, Shay and Mama Dee. Mama Dee crowns the prince of the south and elaborates on what she feels Shay has over Erica Dixon. Erica clarifies why she “attacked” Shay however, things get heated between Scrappy and Shay and she storms off the stage. See what happened!

The aftermath of Shay and Scrappy ended with a sincere apology from Scrappy to Shay. Erica Dixon also gets what she’s been waiting for…a marriage proposal! “If it don’t work, it’s cool…you gone marry a n****” says Scrappy. Erica accepts the proposal with smiles and tears of joy! Check out the clip.

Mona continues by bringing Karlie Redd, Kirk, Rasheeda, Benzino and K. Michelle to the stage questioning the connection between “Business & Love.” Mona addresses the “non-proposal” that Benzino semi-gave to Karlie Redd. It’s safe to say they’re over especially since Karlie Redd let everyone know she walked into his house and he was with another woman that same night he proposed to her. For K. Michelle mixing “Love” and “Hip Hop” didn’t work out however, for Kirk and Rasheeda (who kept they’re marriage a secret until joining the show) everything worked out for the best. Check out the clip!

Finally, Mona irons out the drama by lightening up part II of the reunion. Fans ask the cast “wild and crazy” questions including “Stevie, do you think that rat face you make is cute?” Check out the collage of rat faces the God-like bus-man, Stevie J dished out during season one of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.


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