“Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta:” Why Does Hip-Hop Have To Be the Sacrificial Lamb For Reality TV?

It’s no secret that the music industry has fallen on hard times and record executives are doing all they can do to keep their pockets sustained.

Always considered the bastard child of the industry that was determined to shine like Cinderella, Hip-Hop has now become the latest exploit of music executives in their climb into the ring of reality television.

Millions tuned in last week as “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” premiered and caused all kinds of responses on Social Media.  Hate it or love it, you probably tuned into this ratchetness and will also watch it tonight.

Hip-Hop Enquirer has been asked by many of our followers what’s our take on the show and if we had any issues with it.  Well we do but it’s not with the show itself but more on the continued rapping of our culture.

We all know “Great Ratings” make “Good TV” and there have been all kinds of support and attacks of the reality television series and how we as Black people are portrayed.

Now by no means can this show be taken literally as a depiction of Black people because other races wild out on television too and sometimes we all love to watch ignorant stuff and get our laugh on.


The reality also is if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you don’t support it then it won’t last (sort of like record sales).

However the biggest crime being committed with “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” is the misrepresentation and use of the word “Hip-Hop.”

The show has nothing to do with Hip-Hop and is a “dump” on our culture just for tying it in with this fuc*ery. The producers need to be checked.

Come on Mona Scott. As a vet in the industry who has done a lot for the culture and who I respect, you have to be called on this flagrant foul.

By all means get your money as you step in the television realm but don’t drag Hip-Hop’s name through the dirt and make a mockery of our culture in the process. Seeing a revered Hip-Hop executive spearhead this misuse of “Hip-Hop” immediately brings Common’s “I Used To Love Her” to mind.

Just from the initial ratings alone, the show would still be a “success” without slandering our culture.

Secondly, there’s no one of relevance on the show as far as “Hip-Hop” is concerned which further makes me question the use of the term.

Not one “Hip-Hop artist” on that show has a snow ball’s chance in hell of having a successful recording career off this show.


Calling it like it is. Scrappy has been done. Rasheeda…never was. Jocelyn ( JuwannaMan)… PLEEZE.

It’s like a bunch bottom feeders coming to the table vying for the scraps exploiting their other “talents” that have nothing to do with music or Hip-Hop.


Now to be fair, “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” is hilarious and will have you laughing and commenting on some of the most ignorant things the cast members do but the question remains:

Where does Hip-Hop come into play?

With that sad I will watch it for my laughs and I’m not mad at them for getting their check. Lord knows some of them needed it but the title has got to go… though it won’t.

Conclusion: We like the show… HATE & DESPISE the name.

What are your thoughts????

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  1. Monica Adams says:

    Mona Scott is a modern day pimp disguised as a producer and all she is interested in lining her pockets with cash no matter what the cost is to her race. Sad!

  2. Rob689 says:

    The show shouldn’t be on the air.

  3. Rasha says:

    Why petition these shows when Jerry and Maury been making millions of people like this for decades? I swear Joseline sound just like one of those hateful teenagers that be cussing out their parents. “OF COURSE I FUCK WITH ANOTHER WOMANS MAN ON TV…I DON”T GIVE A FUCK!”

  4. There will be no 2nd season for this show. The use of the name hip-hop has been bastardize in ever commercial goods that could be sold to a consumer. Its just unfortunate, its been done by one of our own. Shame on you Mona Scott!!!!

  5. Christa Hamilton says:

    There are not enough positive counter- images in the media for black women. Stop supporting women who have no integrity and who put a price on their dignity. Enough with trashy tv. It speaks volume about the people that are willing to promote this type of “entertainment”.

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