Uncle Luke Denies Involvment with University of Miami Football Scandal

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Rap legend, Luke “Uncle Luke” Campbell is denying allegations that he illegally raised money for players on the University of Miami’s football team during the 1980’s and 90’s. Luke’s name was mentioned in the investigation of University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro, who is currently serving a 20 year sentence for his role in a $930 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Shapiro is accused of providing illegal benefits to at least 72 athletes from 2002-2010, according to an 11-month investigation conducted by Yahoo Sports. Allegedly athletes were provided with millions of dollars in cash, prostitutes and entertainment.

Furthermore, Shapiro had bounties on opposing players, gave money for travel and in one shocking case, paid for an abortion. Shapiro has decided to reveal all of the details of the scandal because he claims friends abandoned him during his trial. He revealed names of University of Miami coaches, players and trainers that were allegedly involved. He told investigators, “Here’s the thing, Luther Campbell was the first uncle who took care of the players before I got going, his role was diminished by the NCAA and the school, and someone needed to pick up that mantle. That someone was me. He was Uncle Luke and I was Little Luke.”  


Campbell, who ran for Mayor of Miami and is currently pursuing a political career, denied these allegations on his blog on MiamiNewsTimes.com.“That punk could never be me, first of all, I have never been a UM booster. I have never given a dime to the school. I have and will always support the players and programs out of civic pride, but I never violated any NCAA rules when I was the teams biggest fan in the 1980’s, and definitely would have never paid for a stripper to abort a baby allegedly fathered by a UM football player like Shapiro claims he did.”

Campbell allegedly stated that the NCAA investigated him years ago and found no wrong doing in regards to claims that he paid bounties to certain Miami football players during the 80’s. “It has never been about the money for me, it has always been about community service. That’s what being Uncle Luke is really about. Shapiro is nothing more than an opportunistic schemer who now wants to play the part of a jailhouse snitch. His word isn’t worth squat especially if Yahoo paid him for the exclusive. Nevin’s mad because he couldn’t get former players to invest in his Ponzi scheme or come to his rescuse when his enterprise was exposed.”


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