Lupe Fiasco Talks “Laser,” \”Food and Liquor II\”

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Grammy Nominated Lupe Fiasco recently interviewed with Complex magazine speaking about his overtly delayed release of album entitled “Lasers” as well as “Food & Liquor.” He blames Atlantic Records for his career delays. Read what Lupe had to say below.

According to Fiasco, the relationship with his record label Atlantic Records has been shaky and has reached its final straw. Many fans are aware of Fiasco’s minor mishap but are still overly excited to listen and purchase his new album as soon as it hits stores.

On the other hand, long time friend and producer to Lupe Fiasco, Prolyfic went on a courageous tirade against Chicago rapper revealing his antics about Fiasco via twitter. The producer accused Fiasco of being “scared of failure” and then having the nerve to question his undeniable talent—by asking, “how can you go from being the most sought after recording artist to falling under the radar?” 

Prolyfic also believes “Lazers” has been delayed due to Fiasco not having songs that would comply with the current music industry charts. 

Below are Prolyfic’s Twitter messages regarding the issue, complied by

  • I mean where do I begin? how does Such a talented individual like @LupeFiasco become such a utter disappointment? And it’s his own doing
  • material gets leaked u throw a temper tantrum @LupeFiasco
  • What kind of artist PENALIZES fans for someone leaking they music?!?! you should be happy people WANT your music @LupeFiasco
  • In a state where everyone is rising to success by giving away free music (Drake, Wayne, Gucci Etc.) @LupeFiasco chooses to hoard his music
  • Which results in what? People forgetting about you! which is why @LupeFiasco did not make ANY lists of ANYTHING! When he should be top 3
  • on it! cuz @LupeFiasco REFUSES to makes hits.. not that he cant.. he wont!
  • name means @LupeFiasco
  • There is NO reason why u shouldn’t be mentioned in the same conversations as Drake or wayne etc… Ppl say “who?” when u mention @LupeFiasco
  • & why do they do that? cuz @LupeFiasco is to damn scared to fail! he lacks the HEART to take a risk! So he’s had a careeer of playin it safe So @LupeFiasco figure he’ll appease this crowd.. u know that crowd over there.. they’ll ALWAYS love him, and he won’t have to feel pressured
  • So the real question is: Why the fuck you here then? @LupeFiasco Just go away if you don’t want the pressures of pleasing ppl.. 32 minutes ago via web
  • And if u gon be here.. BE HERE!! get off the high school reject Wasalu shit and get back on the writing for the black album @LupeFiasco shit
  • Call up GBall get in the attic and finish that mixtape.. put that shit out.. call up P and tell him u want a hit record @LupeFiasco
  • HIM.. that nigga got some cold ass beats waiting for you but you never hear them @LupeFiasco
  • “Failure” shit & let to Craig Calman Know @LupeFiasco


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