Mac Miller Makes Indie History with “Blue Side Park”

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Pittsburg’s Mac Miller surprised everyone on planet earth by selling 100,000 his first week with the release of Blue Side Park. the Rostrum Records rapper is predicted to be  number one on Billboard and has the industry on buzzmode. The Dogg Pound’s Dogg Food was the first and last Indie release to accomplish this feat 15 years ago. Comparing the two is not a good idea, so for now we’ll just give Mac his props. The 5’3  rhyme slayer is unlike his label mate Wiz Khalifa in a number of ways. For one, he’s white and expands beyond the topics of weed and women. Second, his initial following is somewhat of a cult. Mac has the social media game on lock with over 1,300,ooo followers.

Blue Slide Park is expected to hit  the 100,000 records mark and  Rostrum Records lead executive, Benjy Grinberg spoke with Billboard about how they learned from Wiz Khalifa’s situation putting Mac in a great place. “We’ve learned a lot about the ins and outs of the majors and how different things operate [through working with Khalifa],” Grinberg says. “We try to apply those lessons to everything we do . . . I’m not on some sort of revolutionary [anti-major] kick. I just know there are better ways of doing things.” Props to Mac and the Rostrum team. Hopefully Mac can join Wiz now that he’s on the rooftop.


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