Madisyn Elise, New Pop Artist On The Scene With A Sorrowful Story!

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By: Adriene Morton

12-year-old Madisyn Elise released her debut single entitled “Crazy, Crazy” on October 15, 2013. The Georgia native hones a craft of multiple talents being a singer, songwriter, and an actress, with a story to touch the hearts of millions. The young songstress composed the powerful, upbeat, track following a personal incident she underwent in her life, that made her want to tell her story through her music. Elise’s “Crazy, Crazy” features a drum-heavy beat echoing behind Elise’s electrifying voice.

Although this party-rocking anthem gets you moving and grooving, it’s key that Elises’s underlying message is recognized in this song. The multi-talented artist was a victim of bullying prior to the song’s release, but took her lemons and made lemonade as she used her music as an outlet to express her gut-wrenching emotions to the world. Following the traumatic incident, the young pop artist decided to become an advocate for anti-bullying causes, and help raise the awareness on this worldwide issue.

Madisyn is truly one in a million not only because of all the talent she possesses at such a young age, but also because of her optimistic mindset to take the high road out of her bullying experience and, instead, turn a negative into a positive, because unfortunately, most don’t.

“The melody kept playing over and over in my head. I sat down and started humming the melody, and then the words just started pouring out of me…. Every time I close my eyes I awaken what’s inside…Deep desire, passion for more, more….I’m not done; I’ve reached the end…Confusion rises from within… Is it something I should see…Free Me.

Madisyn’s “Crazy Crazy” is an amazing track featuring a powerful voice behind a powerful story. If you haven’t already, check it out!

“Crazy Crazy is available now on YouTube. and song is available to purchase from iTunes.
For more information on “Crazy Crazy”, please visit YouTube to watch video of Crazy Crazy or follow on Twitter: @MadisynElise
Madisyn Elise, a Georgia native, is a spunky and precocious independent label-owner, singer, songwriter, and actress. Madisyn Elise wants to be defined by her artistry, and set a standard by making music that will capture people with her unique brand of inspiration pop.

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