Madonna Booed In New Orleans After Saying “Vote For @BarackObama”

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The Material girl has had an eventful world tour. Since she hit the road to support her new album, “MDNA” Madonna has branded French politician Marine Le Pen as a Nazi and pulled a Janet Jackson move by flashing a nipple. You can’t say she hasn’t tried to give the fans a good show.  She attempted to give her fans what she thought they wanted in a recent show in New Orleans, but found out quickly she didn’t know her southern fan base that well.

According to the New York Daily News, Madonna was on stage when she told audience members she didn’t care how they voted as long as it was for Obama. The pop star has made similar statements and publically supported the President during other stops on the tour, including one stop where she accidently called him a “Black Muslim,” but yesterday evening, she did not get the response she expected. Many members of the crowd booed and more than a handful actually got up and walked out, prompting Madonna to tell everyone she’s actually just more interested in people getting out and voting.

Recent polls showed that Mitt Romney might win Louisiana by as many as 20 points, so this wasn’t the best place for her to flex her celebrity to drive people to the voting booths.

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