Madonna Violates Drake on Coachella Stage

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During his performance at the word famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Drake brought out Madonna during his headlining performance.

She was performing some of her top hits when things took an unexpected turn during the song “Express Yourself” when Madonna locked lips with Drizzy, tongue and everything. The kiss was caught on video and viewers can clearly tell that Drake was disgusted the 56-year-old’s public display of affection.

Apparently Drake admitted that he “loved the kiss” and that his reaction was to the aftertaste of her lipstick.

After the tongue-tying altercation Madonna saluted the crowd saying “Bitch I’m Madonna” and pranced of the stage. Drake sat in the chair stunned before saying, “Holy shit, what the fuck just happened.”

Congratulations Drake, you have just been added to list of celebrities who have locked lips with the Queen of Pop.

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