Maff’s The Test And He’s Passing Them All

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Grinding His Way to The Top

Maff’s name pretty much speaks for itself – “They call me MAFF cause I clock that, TEST is what life is and you can tell I pass that every time the light hit and my shit’s gotta add up”.

A self described “individual with the soul of an old man”,    Rapper/Songwriter/Businessman Maff Test came from the poverty stricken streets of Harvey, Illinois  and took his life by the horns, morally and financially to create a better situation to negotiate his talent by creating Lockout Records to move his music.

  So what do hard work, perseverance and business smarts add up to? Serious buzz for mixtape Big Bizness; Volume 2.


Check out two of Maff Test’s songs off his upcoming mixtape:

“We Dem Dudes”

“Come Like That”


 After moving to Atlanta a year ago and benefiting from the progressive flow of the rap scene with help from the likes of DJ Khaled on Big Bizness; Volume 1, Test is back adding and multiplying his buzz with his second mixtape, Big Bizness; Volume 2 and the message is clearly one that everyone can relate to: “It don’t come like that”.

 In the first single off of the mixtape, “Come like that”, he raps about taking something that doesn’t necessarily fit for you and customizing it to make it work while making sure you put in work to get the job done. “It ain’t that easy and whatever you’re working on is going to take some serious work. It may not work the first time but always try again” he says.  With radio spins in Chicago, the song is already creating buzz for the very humble and mature 24 year old.

 Currently on tour with stops in The Bay Area, Kansas City, Fort Wayne Indiana, Jacksonville and New York, Maff Test is on a mission to make his sound known, which he describes as well rounded and versatile enough to reach a broad audience. “You may hear one song that sounds completely different than another song. My music is like a good pot of gumbo.”

 Messy Marv, Nipsey Hussle and a few other surprise guest artists appear on Big Bizness; Volume 2 which drops March 1st.

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