Master P – “Letter To My Daddy” [New Music]

Master P – “Letter To My Daddy” [New Music]

Master p

The Colonel pays respects to his pops and all the other men out there raising their kids and taking up the role of any absentee fathers out there.

“Letter To My Daddy” is scheduled to appear in the upcoming movie FATHER’S DAY.

Master P wrote:

“This is my letter to all of the fathers that are out their handling their business, to the ones who struggle and sacrifice for their kids and to the fathers that never get recognized for their commitment and contribution to their kids and families.

This is my letter to y’all. Nobody is perfect, even if you’re no longer with your baby’s mother, you’re still taking care of your kids and your responsibilities as a father. This letter is also to my own dad. I love you, Pops… Happy Father’s Day.”

From the music Master P has been releasing over the past year, it’s evident that P’s heart is back in music and is coming back for his spot. Looks like the No Limit Tank is ready for war again.

With so many songs paying homage to the backbone of the family, the mother, it’s good to finally see rappers speak on their fathers, especially the ones that were there. Every Black father is not a dead beat though society would have you believe that.

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