Master P’s Kids Speak Out: “We Were Not Abducted We Choose To Live With Our Dad” [Video]


The civil war between the Miller’s shows no signs of cooling off as Master P and his estranged wife Sonya continue their public feud.  Just this week Sonya, who Master P says has a substance abuse problem, accused the record mogul of kidnapping their younger children.  To shut her latest accusations down, Master P released a statement and video with his kids telling their side of the story and that they were not kidnapped at all.  The statement reads:

Recently, Master P’s ex-wife pulled another publicity stunt but this time the kids speak out. They admit that they love their mother even though she is dealing with a long-time drug and alcohol addiction.  After all the media bashing initiated by his ex-wife, Master P continues to take care of his kids, pay her bills and allow her to keep up with her lavish lifestyle of living in a guard-gated community in Calabasas and driving luxury vehicles.

Master P says,

“This is embarrassing for me and my family, we’ve always lived a private life. I’ve been dealing with this problem with her for over 24 years and I’m not holding it in anymore. I’ve stayed by her side for many years, hoping that she would grow and change for the better especially for our kids’ sake but after two decades; I realize that I can’t change her, I can only change myself.

It’s not healthy for kids to grow up in a home where they can easily access drugs and alcohol. The reason I’ve moved on is to provide a peace of mind for myself and to provide a stable and healthy environment for my kids. She may be my ex-wife but I will always love and care for her well-being, she is the mother of my kids. I would never turn my kids against their mom, they love her, she just needs help. I’m going to put it in God’s hands and pray for her.



When she’s ready, I’ll send her to rehab and hopefull, our kids will be more comfortable around her and if they choose to live with her, I’m good with that. For all the people that are buying into the negative gossip, I’m not perfect and I have nothing to prove. My kids are my priority, I will continue to take care of my kids and I don’t need a judge or a lawyer to tell me to. “

Master P’s kids Tytyana, Hercy and Mercy stated that they were never abducted. They admit that since they’ve lived with their dad, they’ve been getting to school on time, getting better grades and learning godly family values with their dad.

Let’s pray The Miller’s work out their problems and Sonya C gets the help she needs.

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