Master P’s Wife Sonya C Says He’s Ignoring Her Divorce Filings And has Forced Her To Go On Welfare



Master P has been having family issues all week as his brother C-Murder said he doesn’t love him anymore on a track called “Came2Da Can”  that he recently recorded from behind bars featuring Lil Boosie and now his estranged wife Sonya Miller is claiming to be on welfare.  According to a report from TMZ, Master P’s wife Sonya Miller claims he’s worth north of $200 million but has left her and her 4 minor kids broke and on welfare.

Sonya Miller, who rapped under the name “Sonya C” during No Limit’s early years, feels she is entitled to some of that paper and that P has abandoned her emotionally and financially.  Sonya C now says that she and her other minor kids are living with her and P’s adult son, Romeo.

She also claims that the No Limit colonel never responded to her divorce petition.  The judge fined P $10-thousand  for ignoring the case, which he apparently doesn’t seem to care about.

“Sonya explains in her docs she hooked up with Master P when he didn’t have a pot to pee in … back in ’89.  They started the label together, and when it exploded, they built an empire, which include clothing manufacturing, sports management, toy manufacturing, and film and TV production.”

It’s probably more to this story but Sonya C was part of No Limit’s early success and Master P has stated in the past that she had to retire and raise the kids while he handled the business.  With that said, if this is true, cut her a check P.

Is it me or does Romeo’s flow come from his mother???

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