McDonald’s Cashier Cleared of All Assault Charges (photos inside)

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Mcintosh listening to the evidence being told to Grand Jury

The next time you think about treating a minimum wage worker in an inferior manner you might want to study the outcome of this case.

Rayon Mcintosh, a New York man who was previously arrested for giving two disrespectful customers a beating that was played all over the world has been cleared of all charges. A New York Grand Jury deliberated for a few hours before deciding that Mcintosh was justified in his actions. The man who had previously served a 10-year sentence for manslaughter was provoked according to the findings of the case.

You may remember that the two women became verbally abusive to him before one of them slapped him in the face then jumped over the counter only to be beat by the employee.

Prosecutor plays the video which showed women jumping over counter

What may have played in the grand jury returning a favorable outcome for the employee was the fact the two women were the aggressors in the case. Unfortunately for them, prosecutors have decided to proceed with criminal charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct, which most likely will result in probation and a fine. We believe that the beat down will serve as enough of a punishment for the two women and while we do not advocate violence towards women however we also don’t suggest placing your head in the mouth of a lion and not expect it to be bitten off!

Wonder if McDonald’s will rehire the man since he was fired after his arrest? Let’s hope no Occupy McDonald’s takes place?!

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