Meek Mill Airs Out Safaree Samuels & Drake on Twitter!

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Last night for whatever reason Meek Mill spent a long time on Twitter talking trash. His girlfriend Nicki Minaj spent a good time on Twitter too, but she was discussing the racism within the media and award shows. Meek however, went in on Drake for allegedly not writing his own raps, some J. Cole and Kendrick talk, and this strange video of Safaree Samuels twerking.

Possibly the series of tweets started when someone possible made some excuse as to why Meek Mill sold so well his first week. As his first tweets begin on that subject, then steer to Safaree twerking.


Safaree going to have to explain that video, but then he went in on being compared to other rappers and Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole were name dropped. To which he acknowledges their different lanes but says, ‘Dude is all the way outta of it’. This then shifts to Drake and says the Toronto rapper does not pen his own lyrics.


He then somewhat chills out but also makes it very clear all he knows is how to tell the truth. If Jay-Z did not write his raps and he knew that he would air him out too. Also gives a warning to Hot 97 when they tweeted that he would say his account was hacked. To Nicki it looks as if those lap dances on other rappers is going to be a no go as long as you are with him he said.




This still appears to be how Meek Mill really feels and not a ‘Twitter hack’. Meek has gone on Twitter in the past and aired out rappers he is affiliated with, ask Wale what happened when he did not do promo for Meek’s album. If so there is going to be some responses, especially from Drake. Safaree might have to sit this one out because that twerking video has him looking really bad right now.

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