Meek Mill Waves the White Flag in Beef with Drake

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There are often times that it takes someone being the bigger person to prevent a situation from escalating. Then you have what Meek Mill did. For whatever reason a large portion of people have dismissed Drake having a ghostwriter and Meek Mill’s diss track was met with a lukewarm reaction at best to Drake’s ‘Back to Back’ and ‘Charged Up’ has been taken off of soundcloud. Complex did claim that it involves WWE not approving of the use of one of their wrestlers theme song. In Meek’s diss ‘Wanna Know’ he samples The Undertaker’s gong theme and allegedly WWE had sent him a cease and desist letter.

Now the removal of the song is not why it appears Meek has given up on the beef that he started. He posted a lengthy message on instagram that was deleted, but thanks to DJ Akademics and screenshot technology you can still see Meek Mill’s post.


While it is commendable that Meek does not want it to become something more, there has to be a feeling this has more to do with the recent involvement of some street Philly dudes like Ar-Ab and Dark Lo. Another situation Meek started by using their names in a less than flattering light on stage.

The internet with their uncanny ability to make a million memes a minute essentially proclaimed Meek the loser already. Things just got so out of hand between the memes and the OVOfest screen, that Meek realized his needs to get back to making his money and music. While not the beef Jay-Z and Nas was, Meek Mill and Drake both will continue to have strong careers without this being too big of an issue.

Still, good move to not let it go any further Meek and the proper phone calls can make this all go away most likely. As for Drake, if you have not heard Dr. Dre’s Compton there are shots taken at Drizzy by Kendrick Lamar. So Drake cannot turn into a supervillian on Meek and bow down to Kendrick, a much more even sided rap beef maybe on the way.

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