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I’m still looking for the perfect term to describe this cut of suit. At first I termed it the flair cut, but it took only seconds to realize that would imply that I was advocating a return to flared trousers and suits. Nothing could be so true. Instead flair was meant to describe the extra potentially overt, details it has; this is a cut of suit for a gentleman who can comfortably wear those extra little details that Joe Average lacks the confidence to wear out of fear derision.


So for those of you who are looking for that extra something, both in their clothing and in their life, I proffer up the (potentially temporarily named) confidence cut. As with all fashionable men’s suits for 2011 and 2012 it’s cut that’s about confidence_cut

the male physique and the revival of classic suiting elements. Unlike the previous ‘sleek cut’ single breasted suit described, however, it features one additional key attribute: instead of a slim to medium notched lapel, 2011’s confidence suit cut is all about peaked lapels. In this regard, the suit cut sits as something of a 1930s and 1970s revival – back then peaked lapels were the only kind worth having.

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