Miami Stripper Puts Rick Ross on BLAST…. He Only Made It Drizzle In The Club??

| April 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

rickross_chynaRick Ross & Blac Chyna

Recently we reported 2 months ago that rapper Rick Ross blew a million dollars in a Miami strip club. Well… one dancer saw it differently. Check out what well known stripper Blac Chyna had to say about our favorite Miami rapper below:

Stripper Blac Chyna is calling out Rick Ross and denying that he spent a million dollars at Club Ace of Spades, a popular strip club located in the city of Miami.. According to Chyna, Ross is NOT the spender that he was portrayed to be.

Blac Chyna stated, “Who the f*ck Rick Ross threw a million dollars [at]? If Rick Ross threw a million dollars, guess where I’d be? Not here! Boom! Pow! Pow! Pow! Shots f*cking fired! Ross? He think he who? I can’t wait until he comes out with a song where he says, ‘I think I’m Blacc Chyna.’ [laughs] Officer Ricky!”



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