Mike Tyson Issues Words of Wisdom to Chris Brown: “This World Will Thrust Humbleness Upon You.”

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If there is anyone in this world that could offer words of wisdom to bad boy r n b singer Chris Brown it is surely former boxing heavyweight champion Iron Mike Tyson. Having amassed earnings of over 300 million dollars for pulverizing almost every opponent to stand in front of him as well as going to prison for sexually assaulting a beauty pageant contestant, the new Mike Tyson who is probably one of the most humble men on the planet right now decided to offer very good advise to Brown while on a Los Angeles radio show.

“I like and admire that little guy,” Tyson said … adding, “I’m just worried about him.” Eventually if you keep doing that stuff, people are going to turn on you. He’s selling out arenas, I sold out arenas but people eventually turned on me.” If he keeps getting arrested for these violent cases, they going to put him somewhere where thats all they do is assault people. If you are not humble in this world, this world will thrust humbleness upon you.”

This is the type of information you just can’t pay for. Wisdom is the best teacher.┬áMuch respect to Mike Tyson for those powerful words.

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