Mila Kunis in Her T-Shirt & Panties on GQ!

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T-shirt and her panties on

The on-screen obsession of Natalie Portman’s lesbian fantasies, Mila Kunis is stripped down to her skivvies on the August issue of GQ Magazine. We never really paid much attention to her before seeing how we never watched a single episode of That 70s Show. Other than that we know she’s does the skin crawlingly irritating voice of Meg from Family Guy.

We’re sure that on the inside pages she does some heavy promotion of her new film “Friends With Benefits” with co-star Justin “dick in the box” Timberlake which hits theaters on July 22nd. Some of you may remember a few months ago when Mila performed a brief hernia exam on Justin at this years MTV Movie Awards: 

Turn your head & cough Justin




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