Mind Playing Tricks? Geto Boys Played for Weeks Straight on Pirated Radio Station

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Who would have thought the Geto Boys were so loved in Cincinnati, Ohio? Well not quite, but the town West Price Hill which is right outside of Cincinnati has been reportedly playing commercial free and uncensored Geto Boys for weeks now.

Someone or some people took over the radio station 87.9 FM with pirated radio and just began to play the records of legendary Houston group. Local 12 news reported the story and even fans of hip hop were confused by the reasoning or excess, as it was just non-stop Geto Boys on the radio. The station was reported by a resident and the FCC classified it as unauthorized and therefor pirated radio.

The identity of the person or group is still unknown, as it really could be anyone. Dave Schram of WMKV told Local 12 how simple it is to actually pirate a station.

Not many people realized that you can literally go on the internet and buy an exciter, and an antenna and a cable to go with it and do not need an FCC license to do this.

Before anyone gets ideas now, Schram warns that it is not a good idea because if your radio station interferes with a licensed one’s frequency it will be very bad for you.

The Geto Boys had started a kickstarter to raise money for a new Geto Boys album for the first time in a decade. The album is titled Habeas Corpus and they are looking to raise $100,000. If you lived in the Cincinnati area and were upset by the news that the Geto Boys new-found station was shut down it was alright. The Geto Boys coincidentally played in the city the following weekend.

A lot of irony going on with this situation you have to wonder if this was some genius marketing plan the group put together.

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