Exclusive!! Is Missing Atlanta Woman Stacey Nicole English Connected to Recent St. Louis Disappearance??

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The disappearance of Buckhead resident Stacey Nicole English has taken a bizarre and questionable turn of events. About a week prior to her disappearance in Atlanta, another woman vanished from her place of residence and her black 1998 Chevy Blazer was later found with the engine running. In St. Louis, 23 year old Phoenix Coldon, went missing on December 18 with similar circumstances surrounding her disappearance. The last time her family had seen her was when her car was parked in the driveway and she was talking on the phone.

Coldon’s Blazer was impounded the same day she went missing with her engine running, the same way English’s was discovered. As of now the Atlanta and St. Louis Police Departments are working together to see if there may be a connection between the two disappearances.

Stacey Nicole English, a resident of Atlanta’s wealthy Buckhead area was reported missing by her parents on December 27th. According to an official police report obtained exclusively by HHE,  Mrs. English’s parents Kevin and Cynthia Jamison last spoke to their daughter on Christmas day. Also in the official police report, a man by the name of Robert Kirk was one of the last people to see Mrs. English as he was visiting her home on December 26th from St. Louis, MO.

Stacey Nicole English Car was discovered near Police Mini-Precint

We attempted to reach Mr. kirk for comment but he stated he was not at liberty to speak with the media and directed us to contact his attorney of record. Some might ask why does a person innocent and not charged with a crime need to retain legal counsel?

We spoke exclusively with attorney Drachir Smith who has experience dealing with criminal proceedings stated that it is standard practice for a person of interest in a criminal investigation to retain legal counsel in order to ensure that he does not inadvertently waive any constitutional rights or further implicate himself.

Kirk told police detectives investigating her disappearance that the two got into an argument at her home and he characterized her behavior as “peculiar”  according to him, she allegedly asked him was he “Satan.”

Police on location where English's car was found / Photo by: Dennis Byron

Last Friday, local authorities and volunteers held a search for English near Atlanta’s Lakewood Amphitheater, where her car was found with the engine still running. While there were some unconfirmed reports relating to her mental stability, we spoke with her aunt and uncle who stated that they had no knowledge that she was suffering from any type of mental illness.

In an investigation where the last person who saw Ms. English claims that the two had an argument just before he left raises more questions than answers especially since many friends and family have stated that not only did she not exhibit any strange behavior but she was not known to visit the area where her car was discovered.

Hip Hop Enquirer will keep you posted on any updates on this developing story.

Cynthia & Rev. Kevin Jamison at Press Conference /Photo by: Dennis Byron

Police Cadets Conducting Search of Scene Where Car Was Discovered / Photo by: Dennis Byron

K9 Search & Rescue team arriving on Scene / Photo by: Dennis Byron

Atlanta Police Commander Maj. Keith Meadows / Photo by: Dennis Byron

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