Exclusive Mixtape Alert: Miseducation of Dolla (videos included)

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The highly anticipated mix tape of the late rapper Roderick Anthony Burton II aka Dolla has finally been released. Thanks to his mother Dawnee Robinson and his longtime friend DJ Shabazz along with The Gang Entertainment his fans can now hear some of the music he really wanted to give to the world prior to his passing.

{audio}images/stories/01 Intro.mp3{/audio}
What Do You Do?
{audio}images/stories/02 What do you Do.mp3{/audio}
{audio}images/stories/03 Change.mp3{/audio}
HeartBreak Collision

{audio}images/stories/04 Heartbreak Collision.mp3{/audio}
Love of Money
{audio}images/stories/05 Love of Money.mp3{/audio}
{audio}images/stories/06 Rain.mp3{/audio}
{audio}images/stories/07 Freestyle.mp3{/audio}
Closer to My Dream
{audio}images/stories/08 Closer to My Dreams.mp3{/audio}
California Kushin
{audio}images/stories/09 California Kushin.mp3{/audio}
What We Do
{audio}images/stories/10 What We Do.mp3{/audio}
Hi Definition featuring Streetz
{audio}images/stories/11 Hi-Definition (Feat. Streetz).mp3{/audio}
A Billion
{audio}images/stories/12 A Billion.mp3{/audio}
Role Model
{audio}images/stories/13 Role Model.mp3{/audio}
A Place
{audio}images/stories/14 A Place.mp3{/audio}
Swagga Like Mine
{audio}images/stories/15 Swagga Like Mine.mp3{/audio}
Old School
{audio}images/stories/16 Old School.mp3{/audio}
Cry On My Shoulder
{audio}images/stories/17 Cry on My Shoulder.mp3{/audio}
Protect Me featuring Streetz
{audio}images/stories/18 Protect me (feat. Streetz).mp3{/audio}
Got Em’ featuring Dubb
{audio}images/stories/19 Got Em’ feat. Dubb.mp3{/audio}
Allmighty Dolla
{audio}images/stories/20 Allmighty Dolla.mp3{/audio}
I’m From Decatur featuring 36 Mafia
{audio}images/stories/21 I’m From Decatur(Feat. 36mafia).mp3{/audio}
{audio}images/stories/22 Emotionless.mp3{/audio}
Welcome to the Jungle featuring Scrapp Deleon
{audio}images/stories/23 Welcome to the Jungle (feat. Scrapp DeLeon).mp3{/audio}
ATL Home Coming
{audio}images/stories/24 ATL HomeCoMing.mp3{/audio}
{audio}images/stories/25 Statistic.mp3{/audio}

To download the entire mixtape, go to: www.justice4dolla.com


Dolla Closer To My Dreams Miseducation

One of Dolla’s last performances before his passing – RIP Young Soldier!

Last May, Dolla along with his friends where in Los Angeles working on finishing the mix tape prior to being murdered by Atlanta club promoter Aubrey Louis Berry. While many believe he should have been convicted of at least manslaughter for killing the late rapper, a Los Angeles County jury saw it otherwise and acquitted Berry of all charges. At press time we are told that the family will be pursuing a wrongful death suit against Aubrey Louis Berry and all others responsible.

DJ Shabazz has been making his rounds on various hip hop sites discussing his feelings on the verdict and what did his friend mean to him. In a tribute to the slain rapper his family has put together a heart felt video of him. One of the most touching tributes I have ever seen. Dolla would have been proud. Fans can visit a site done in his honor at www.justice4dolla.com where you can listen to his music and download photos and a exclusive drawing of him as well.

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