Mixtape Review: CyHi The Prynce – Royal Flush 2

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Mix Tape- Royal Flush 2
Artist- CyHi Da Prynce
DJ’s- No DJ

Eastside Atlanta’s CyHi Da Prynce has gained quite the underground following over the past year and even landed a spot on a list of up of coming artists to watch. With that being said, Royal Flush 2 is his biggest mix-tape to date due to the fact that it’s his chance to prove he deserves the praise that he’s been given. Sadly, he fell a bit short of expectations.

The artists and producers featured on the mix-tape played their role, but CyHi dropped the ball on a number of occasions. Interludes are your chance as an artist to show the listeners your personality and humorous side. Instead of doing this, CyHi decides to use theme songs from soundtracks such as Titanic and a deepened voice to narrate his journey as the prince. You can’t even allow that track to come on with your windows down in traffic, come on, Titanic? Along with this he doesn’t have a solo song that is easy to listen to all the way through. Three verses from CyHi are hard to jam to on this mix-tape.

However, the songs with features are actually the total opposite. “Bulletproof” produced by J-Rob, is a complex beat with a sample from La Roux, a tongue twisting verse from Shady Records newcomer Yelawolf and a wave riding hook that will be a pleasure to lyrical lovers and bass-heads alike.

The next artist-feature banger is “Emotional”, a track with fellow Atlanta native Tity Boi (2 Chainz) who overshadows CyHi with his charisma and oh so confident ad-libs over a Dj Spinz produced track explaining why men tend to become a little bit too emotional over females these days. CyHi begins this track saying “Boy you just a reject/ Quit crying bout’ that b*tch and go and grab yourself some Kleenex/” though Tity never disappoints with lines like “She text me 2 chains with a smiley face/ I told her I don’t get no signal when I’m in outer space! /”.

The best song on the mix-tape is a soul digging, thought provoking track produced by No Id and Kanye West titled “Woopty Doo” featuring G.O.O.D Music label-mate Big Sean. Along with being the longest track on the mix tape, the concept and lyrics over a well blown saxophone make this song a keeper long before Royal Flush 2’s release. CyHi and Big Sean spit grade A bars like “Cause every 365 bruh/ you get a lil’ wiser/ and you realize all that stupid shit you bought as lame/ Woopty Doo!/” thus explaining how the material things you buy “don’t mean sh*t” compared to handling real life situations like paying rent and taking care of children.

The release of this mix tape was highly anticipated and even was granted a countdown on livemixtapes.com. CyHi’s honesty, wittiness and lyrical ability is sometimes overshadowed by his delivery which lacks charisma and personality, it sounds like he is literally reading straight from a piece of paper.

The other artists on this mix-tape brought memorable verses and it seems every featured track CyHi has, his guest stole the show. Thanks to guest verses and the producers, this mix-tape is not a royal flush down the drain, it’s far from innovative but still in the end pretty good music.


Here is the track list from Royal Flush 2:

  1. 1. Spadez Interlude – CyHi the Prynce
  1. 2. When the Smoke Clears – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)
  1. 3. Cold as Ice – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. By KB)
  1. 4. Bullet Proof  – CyHi the Prynce ft. Yelawolf (Prod. by J Rob; Sample by La Roux- Bulletproof)
  1. 5. Thousand Poundz – CyHi the Prynce ft. Pill & Pusha T  (Prod. by Paper Boy Fabe)
  1. 6. Heartz Interlude – CyHi the Prynce
  1. 7. New Girl  – CyHi the Prynce ft. Trey Songz (Prod. by Lil C)
  1. 8. End of the Night – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by Shawty Redd)
  1. 9. Right Side of the Bed – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by Soundtrack)
  1. 10. Sunday Morning  – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by Beatfanatiks)
  1. 11. Clubz Interlude – CyHi the Prynce
  1. 12. Dance – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)
  1. 13. Fighting in the Club – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by Big Fruit)
  1. 14. Emotional  – CyHi the Prynce ft. Tity Boi (Prod. by DJ Spinz)
  1. 15. Made Me Who I Am – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by CKP)
  1. 16. Diamondz Interlude – CyHi the Prynce
  1. 17. Take Ya Back – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by S1)
  1. 18. Whoop De Doo – CyHi the Prynce ft. Big Sean (Prod. by No I.D. & Kanye West)
  1. 19. Beautiful Mind – CyHi the Prynce (Prod. by Aktual)
  1. 20. Stadium – CyHi the Prynce ft. B.O.B. (Prod. by Mel & Mus)


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