#Mizzou Police Arrest A Person Responsible for Making Death Threats to Black Students at Missouri University

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Hunter M. Park was Identified as alleged domestic terrorist police arrested

Warnings went out on social media yesterday urging students not to come to school on Wednesday because a threat issued on the social media app Yik Yak.

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Hunter M. Park, suspect of domestic terror threats

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The poster stated that they would be standing their ground and shooting every black person they saw, an ugly reference to the defense used in the George Zimmerman trial when he told police he was in fear of his life and that justified him killing Trayvon Martin. Convicted killer Michael Dunn of Jacksonville, Florida also tried to use the Stand Your Ground defense when he killed Jordan Davis. Dunn was ultimately sentenced to life plus 90 years for his racist killing.

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According to a police report, University of Missouri police arrested a person of interest in making the online threat against black students and the faculty. While police have yet to release the name of the person that made those threats, they have stated that the suspect is in police custody right now. The police identified the suspect as Hunter M. Park, 19, of Rolla, Mo., about 90 miles from the campus. It said that officers arrested Mr. Park just before 2 a.m. “for making a terrorist threat.” He was taken to Boone County Jail and a $4,500 bond was set. But why was his bond set so low one might ask?

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