Murder is the Charge!! Motion Hearing for Rapper @YoungVito Held Today in the Slaying of Rapper @SlimDunkin & Friend of @Wakaflockabsm (Live Video Inside)

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By Mehka & Dennis Byron

In a case that has already destroyed two families is finally coming to a head as the last phase of motions hearings has been addressed by presiding Judge Schwell and it appears the person accused of killing rapper Mario Hamilton aka Slim Dunkin will have to face a jury of his peers. His defense appeared in court today to hear a judges decision about whether or not the accused would be granted immunity from prosecution as well as a bond in a case that has rocked the hip hop community of Atlanta.

Today at 11:36 a.m., Vinsion Hardimon was denied a bond request and immunity from a judge in an Atlanta courtroom. Hardimon, also known as Young Vito is said the man who shot and killed Brick Squad Monoply artist and protege of Waka Flocka Flame.

Reports say that Mario Hamilton a.k.a Slim Dunkin and Young Vito got into an argument over what is said to be a piece of candy. That argument would end in the shooting death of Slim Dunkin. Dunkin is most known for his affiliation with Waka Flocka and the Brick Squad Mafia label. Dunkin was on his way to becoming a star in the south after the release of several mixtapes including “Menace to Society” and the collaboration project “Twin Towers” with Waka Flocka.

According to reports, Young Vito was in the studio with some of his affiliates when Slim Duncan came in with his. After Duncan ate a piece of candy that was said to belong to Hardimon, an argument ensued. Duncan is said to have apologized to Hardimon for taking the candy. After the incident, Duncan would go into the recording booth at the studio to record his part for a song that he was working on. He would go on to recite a line that said “I’ll put 2 in the head of the one with the dreads,” which caught the attention of Young Vito who at the time wore his hair in dreadlocks. Young Vito then rushed into the booth and began to assault Slim Duncan. The two began to fight. The fight would be broken up both by parties of both Hardimon and Hamilton. From there, according to Hardimon after the fight was broken up, Slim Duncan rushed at him. In fear of his life, Young Vito pulled out a pistol, aimed at Duncan’s head, then lowered the gun towards his chest, shooting him once in the chest. Hamilton would later die in Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta from the gun wound.

Family of rapper Young Vito watches as judge issues ruling

Today, Hardimon sat in the courtroom with handcuffs and shackles on while his family and the mother of Slim Duncan watched as a judge reviewed a motion presented by Hardimon’s attorney for a bail request and immunity. Both motions were denied with the judge stating that he was “concerned about witness intimidation,” if Vito was issued a bond. The Judge believed that Hardimond and Hamilton both knew each other and others who were in the studio at the time and that witness intimidation could be a possibility Hardimon he was freed on bond. Hardimond’s attorney plead to the judge that Hardimon did not know Hamilton prior to the confrontation. He also asked the judge to consider a self-defense plea based off Hardimon’s testimony and numerous YouTube videos that they presented featuring Slim Duncan fighting various people. His attorney also brought up concerns about 2 witnesses for the prosecution, one who is currently in jail and another who is currently facing numerous charges stating that they are not reliable witnesses.

The judge would not allow the self-defense plea today, but said that it would be allowed to be argued during the actual trial in front of a jury of 12. After the ruling, Hardimon was lead out of the courtroom, but not before his lead counsel Manubir S. Arora requested a speedy trial which is a 6th Amendment right under the US Constitution. The prosecution quickly responded that they would be ready as early as the following Monday to begin. A trial date was ultimately set for December 3rd, 2012.

Janet Wallace, Mother of Slim Dunkin

Hip Hop Enquirer’s Dennis Byron spoke exclusively Janet Wallace, mother of Mario Hamilton about her thought on the upcoming trial:

” I felt he intentionally killed my son and he knew him beforehand and he was probably jealous of him.” We asked how was the relationship between Waka Flocka and her family months after her son was laid to rest and she stated” Debra and Waka has done as much as they could however nothing could ever bring my son back.” When asked what she felt the sentence should be if Vison Hardimon is found guilty she stated that she would like to see him receive life in prison. I do not want to see any retaliation for my son’s death other than the person responsible is brought to justice.”

We attempted to speak with Young Vito’s attorney but he declined to make any comments.

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