Music Review: Pusha T- Fear of God II: Let Us Pray

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Beats B- Lyrics B+ Flow B- Originality B- Overall B-

Pusha-T caught a break in 2010 by getting signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D music. Since then he has released the first installment of the Fear of God series which was a lowkey jewel last year. The Virginia native’s solo career has been somewhat stable but nothing in comparison to the days when he was a part of the cocaine duo, The Clipse, with brother Malice.  Let Us Pray is a re-release EP of his mixtape from last year. Pusha’s lyrical reputation is not questionable. His wordplay and metaphors are among the best in hip hop, hence the title claiming his competition should fear him. He gained a buzz over the summer with “Trouble On My Mind” with Tyler The Creator, a video that has almost 4 million views to date. Though this is the most popular track of the EP it is certainly not the best stand out.

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 The EP begins with “Changing of The Guards” featuring Diddy’s  hypeman skills. The production from Rico Beats paints a picture of a King entering his arena. Surly this is the  sound Pusha was looking for.  Moving along “Amen” features boss man Kanye and respectively Jeezy who released the original version of the song over a year ago.  On this version, Kanye and Pusha do not disappoint by complimenting Jeezy perfectly bar for bar over Shawty Redd’s  unusual  production. Once the listener arrives at “Everything That Glitters” the evidence that Pusha is not playing games is revealed. His usual dope boy ideology is displayed from the get-go “For every Brick broke down, there’s one stepped on/ For every known rat, its one slept on”.  French Montana rides the hook perfectly adding to the grown vibe on the EP  that was needed from the G.O.O.D. music camp.  “Raid”  featuring 50 cent and Pharrell shows why all three artist are vets. Pusha brings the anti-fed agent flow and rhymes fans expected while 50 comes down from the forbes list and blesses Pharrells funky production.  “My God” is a well known banger followed by the mafia provocative “Alone in Vegas” both rounding up a preview into what the future holds for G.O.O.D music’s veteran.

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