Muslim Lawyer Slams CNN’s Don Lemon For “Racist Dumb Ass” Questions

| January 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

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Last week during a live interview in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, CNN anchor Don Lemon offended Muslim-American human rights lawyer Arsalan Iftikhar by asking if he supports the terrorist group ISIS.

Before Iftikhar was asked the insensitive question he provided very specific details on some of the positive things that Islamic practitioners have done to affect the world. “People want to blame Islam for things well they can blame us for inventing algebra, or modern medical anesthesia, or having five out of the last 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners,” said Iftikhar. Iftikhar was making a point that there is a double standard in the world between violence by Christian extremist and Muslims when Lemon bluntly asked, “Do you support ISIS?”

Iftikhar seemed taken aback by the question after and proceeded to defend his stance on the good deeds done on the behalf of Islam. Being a Muslim-American human rights lawyer, Iftikhar believed his thoughts on the matter were clear by condemning the actions of particular Muslims that use religion to justify violence and acts of terror.

Earlier this week on a post on The Islamic Monthly, Iftikhar ripped Don Lemon he said, “Surely there was no respectable journalist in the world who would ask a Muslim human rights lawyer whether he supports an organization which violates human rights each and every day.” He concluded the post by thanking Lemon for making him famous with his “patently offensive” racist dumb-ass question.

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