Must Watch: Angela Rye Talks Violence Against Black People & Social Consciousness with Jesse Williams

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Angela Rye’s new podcast entitled On 1 with A. Rye just officially launched last month and has had its number of successes since its first episode debuted. Angela Rye is predominately known for serving as a political commentator on CNN but is now breaking into the entrepreneurial world with her first podcast. It focuses on politics and current events through a pop culture lens. Her first ever guest was Maxine Waters and that episode aired on July 12th.

She interviews Jesse Williams in her latest episode of On 1 with A. Rye which was the third episode in her current series. In the discussion they touch on topics such as Ebroji, light-skinned privilege, his journey/road to activism, and the overall essence of what it is to be black woman.

“Literally black woman’s hair is against the law”, he says.

Jesse comes across as passionate about the issues, problems, and overall discrimination that African-American people face in America everyday and have faced for hundreds of years to date. He explains that he feels that the reason why black people are discriminated against so harshly by white people and other races are because they are feared and unfamiliar. He says that a black woman’s hair is against the law or seen as unprofessional because white people cannot do it.

In this new project, Angela is responding and catering to her viewers who just simply wanted to keep the conversation going past commercial breaks. She been given the opportunity to engage with people from all corners of the country. She talks openly and honestly about the issues we all face everyday.

Watch the video above.

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