New Artist Alert: Remarcus “Vigilante” Steele Introduction

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Meet upcoming Atlanta rapper, Remarcus Steele, otherwise known as “Vigilante”.

Remarcus was born in Flint, Michigan where he spent most of his days attending regular public school and then the usual extracurricular activities. This was all going fine and well until one day, his parents told him that they were moving the entire family to Georgia for better opportunity and a brighter outlook.

Shortly after moving to Marietta, Georgia in 2010, Remarcus was first introduced to the art of producing music when his mother bought his step father his very own recording studio. He had a cousin who also happened to be an aspiring artist at the time who went by the stage name of “Fat Kidd” and Steele was his first official producer. As time went on, creating fresh beats eventually lead to him making up his own inspiring rhymes to go along with them. His quick-witted and humble personality mixed with the catchy beats soon birthed the “Vigilante Vision” that he lives by today.

Before going by “Vigilante”, he first called himself YLD which stood for “Young, Lyrical, Dreads”.

He was just 15 when he moved to Georgia and continued with his schooling all the way up until enrolling in audio engineering college at the age of 19. After that, he has been continuously building his brand with radio tours, doing background acting work, and now doing strip club tours.

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He made it his personal mission/goal to interview at all of Atlanta’s independent radio stations and so far he has checked off 22 out of the 30. Checkout his interview with Erin Rae from Hot 107.9 below:

During that same radio tour, he also got the chance to interview with Debra Antney’s son, Brandon Barnes on the Be100 radio station and even meet Debra as well.

Last week he officially signed over on to Universal records and has a distribution deal that is set to take his music to the next level. He is currently promoting his latest single, “That’s How We Do It” and hopes it will receive mainstream radio play in the near future.

“That’s How We Do It” single cover

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