New Artist Alert! Baltimore Rapper Teezy Making East Coast Moves

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Your originally from Baltimore how is the music different there?

We have what is called Baltimore club music. Which is a house style music with a urban feel with a fast 120 tempo and most the time a popular sample will be chopped up In the beat. And with rap we are in the middle of the north n south so we have a little of both north n south feel to our music

What is your creative process when it comes to making music?

Well I’m a producer and a artist. It always starts with the track. If I feel the beat then I can get to writing. I produce most of my work, record, mix n all so I’m hands on with all processes which allows me to put my feel throughout the whole song. I can take as little as a hour for a complete song up to 8 hours it just depend on the track and it would be ready for cd . I like to vibe with my other producers and artist on my label while I’m doing tracks and with features I like being rite in the studio I hate sending records unless I have too. I let my mood determine my music ultimately its the feeling that counts

How long have you been in the game and How do you feel as though you differ from other artist?

I’ve been in the game for like 12 years. For one I do everything myself. I mean everything start to finish beat to mix. So I have a lot more to offer than just rap. I have a unique style to my music and lifestyle and none of it is a made up bunch a shit like most these artist. You can bet on what I say.

What is the name of your new mixtape and how did you come up with it?

“Who I am” It is the name of my current single and it speaks for itself this cd is gonna let the world know “who I am”

Any features?

Yo Gotti, Beanie Sigel, Alleyboy, Zedzilla, Fat Trel, Caddy Da Don ,Lano, E Watts, Ski Money, J Richa, Rob Beatz, Dke, J Ripp, Byrd, Kg, and tek

Your style is very unique.  How would you describe your personal style?

I’m simple for real. White tee fresh shoe game n hats on the clothes tip. On the music tip I got a southern feel with a northern swag. I’m laid back smoke loud Bottle popper at the club I like to travel and meet new people

When do you feel most creative?

There’s really not a time. You just feel it . There’s times I don’t make music for weeks then I make a massive amount of songs in a week so it really can be whenever

What are your goals as far as your career?

I want a grammy for production hands down say no more!

Thus far in your career, what stands out to you as one of your biggest accomplishments?

This current mixtape is a accomplishment in itself all it shows a lot about me as a person and who I’ve worked with and there’s a lot more to come

Download mixtape Tezzy “Who I Am” hosted by Trap-a-holics here

Video “Who I Am”

For more on Tezzy feel free to follow him on twitter Like him on and connect with him on
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    Hi Teezy this is
    GIGI and I liked this article. I am one of your biggest supporters. Keep up the good work. Much Love

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