New Evidence Surfaces That Exonerates Rapper Jeezy for Weapon Possession Charges

| September 5, 2014 | 0 Comments
Jeezy & EIC Dennis Byron

Jeezy & HHE’s Dennis Byron

One must remember that when reading the hot news of the day is that everything isn’t what it seems to be and fortunately for rapper Jeezy his day of justice might have come sooner than later. After reports surfaced that rapper Jeezy was arrested for possessing an AK-47 assault weapon, many figured this was going to be an uphill battle for the rapper because of his past legal woes.

Well lucky for him, the person who actually owned the assault rifle was none other than his hired head of tour security who had a license to have it. According to TMZ, police rushed to judgement in charging the rapper and 5 other occupants of the tour bus. Of course no one was taking responsibility for the weapon¬†because quite frankly, they likely didn’t even know about it being there. What is even more bizarre about that incident is that the bodyguard who owned the weapon was also shot at the event. In the video below, you can see he is bleeding from his arm and while it is obvious he is hurt, no emergency personnel was even trying to get him medical aid.

According to TMZ:

 Official reports related to the arrest indicate the arresting officers were repeatedly told the registered owner of the weapon was the tour security chief, and that he was hospitalized.

This is a good ending to a crazy story for the homie.

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