New Invisible Text App Gives Celebs Ultimate Privacy

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Have you ever wanted to send someone a text message, but didn’t in fear of them sharing it on social media or doing something else with the message other than what it was intended for.  Let’s be honest…just for a few minutes.  Technology has made us all independently contracted detectives.  Between the infamous screen shot and all that social media has to offer, we have beefed up our resources and made it damn near impossible to do anything under the radar. 

To make it worse, nobody talks anymore unless it is desperately needed.  These days nearly everybody is busy texting even when it makes more sense to just call.  With that being said, most conversations are leaving a paper trail and depending what was said or who the recipient is; this may not be a good thing.

Enter the Invisible Text app.

 Invisible Text

Invisible Text is a free app that provides security to those who seek the ultimate privacy for their conversation.  With Invisible Text your messages disappear and are never stored anywhere.  Plus the recipient can’t screen shot the text and share it with all of their friends. This is definitely an asset for all of the Anthony Weiners of the world, but more importantly it is a great solution for any person who loses their cell phone leaving his or her messages vulnerable to prying eyes.

Say goodbye to those intoxicated texting disasters and worrying about sending personal info to a significant other and say hello to what some celebrities and social influencers like Paris Hilton and Nipsey Hussle are already using.

nipsey hussle - invisible text

Paris hilton - invisible text

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