New Mexico College Student from California Arrested for Sagging Pants

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A U.S. Airways pilot places a man under citizen’s arrest after he refused to pull up his saggy pants at San Francisco International Airport on Wednesday (June 15).

Deshon Marmon was wearing baggy pajama bottoms and was asked by a flight attendant to pull them up as he boarded his flight. He claims that as he was sitting down he did so and thought everything was fine.

The pilot then ordered all the passengers off the plane and Marmon, 20, was arrested and taken into custody at the Redwood City Jail for trespassing and resisting arrest. He was later bailed out of jail by his mother.

deshon_marmon2Deshon Marmon

According to a statement released by U.S. Airways, “The passenger refused to comply with instructions, so the captain exercised his right to make a citizen’s arrest after the passenger refused to deplane.”

Marmon has since apologized as he is trying to be a role model for the children in the California Bay Area where he grew up.

Source: abc7news


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