New Music Alert: Jay Blaze “Last Night” (Prod. NICE)

| February 5, 2016 | 0 Comments


Los Angeles rapper Jay Blaze wrote this one on the way to Coachella during one whopping hangover after producer NICE shot him the beat. The chorus is pretty much all Jay could think about as he tried to write a song. Turns out, it’s a hit with West Coast radio PD’s and now Jay is moving up and down the coast for promo. Who knew partying yourself in to a coma could be both inspirational and profitable? I wouldn’t wanna be Jay Blaze’s liver now that he has stumbled upon this winning formula.

Those unfamiliar should check out Jay’s #haterzstayback movement which quickly caught fire when he started sending out the T-shirts to music editors. People have made the hashtag their own all over the socials and, rumor has it that a certain major celebrity just put in a big order for some of the merch through her mega-manager. Stay tuned for news of that and the “Last Night” video. Soon come!


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