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It’s been three years since R&B group Jagged Edge released their last album The Remedy, but the quartet, known for their smashes “Let’s Get Married,” “Where the Party At?,” and “Walked Outta Heaven,” have returned with a record that will appease their female fans.

While much of contemporary R&B music from male singers is about celebrating bachelorhood, their new song “Hope” assures the ladies that there are men who are ready to settle down. Yahoo Music is pleased to premiere the music video for the song, which was produced by Bryan Michael Cox.

Member Brian Casey says the song’s storyline is based on real life. “Everything we write is always a combination of either Brandon’s life, my life, or some of our friends told us a story,” he tells Yahoo Music about the song he wrote with his twin brother and fellow Jagged Edge singer Brandon Casey. “We both have dated women who felt like you aren’t ever going to stop playing in these streets. And then, we both have come across women who we wanted to make feel like we would, so it’s a combination of both of our lives.”

Member Kyle Norman says the song sets them apart from their contemporaries. “I think the way the music out right now its kinda stereotyping how we are and how we look as men,” he says. They want to help restore women’s faith in relationships. “With ‘Hope,’ that’s basically where we are coming from, that we are here. God’s gift to a man is a woman.”

The song is from their forthcoming eighth studio album, J.E. Heartbreak Too, that reteams them with Jermaine Dupri, the executive producer who put them on the map. The group also includes Richard Wingo.


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