New Video Alert: ‘Manos Sucias’ Trailer (A Spike Lee Joint)

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Josef Kubota Wladyka is set to make his directorial debut with new film ‘Manos Sucias’ which translates into English as (Dirty Hands). The film is produced by Spike Lee and is a Colombian-American product. ‘Manos Sucias’ allowed Wladyka to win at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014 for ‘Best New Narrative Director’.

On the ‘Mansos Sucias’ website the movie’s description is:

From the port of Buenaventura–the most dangerous city in Colombia–three men embark on a journey over the dark murky waters of the Pacific. A set of mysterious coordinates is their guide, a fishing net is their cover, and a narco-torpedo filled with 100kg of cocaine is their cargo.

Following estranged brothers as they risk everything for a chance a better life; Manos Sucias takes a close look at life at the bottom of the food chain in the international drug trade.

The film sets out to show the true dangers of the Colombian drug trade and not the glamorization. ‘Manos Sucias’ is to be distributed by The Film Collaborative and opens in the United States on April 3rd inside New York’s Cinema Village. Following New York, Los Angeles will host the film at Laemmle NoHo 7 on April 10th. After the 10th it will move on to other markets such as Miami, Houston and Detroit.

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