New Video Alert: TAHIR RBG – “AGENT ASS NI##AS PT 1 – (Nicki Minaj/Cash Money Records DISS) ”

Tahir RBG & Repat Nation bang on Nicki Minaj, Birdman and Cash Money Records and “the rest of these blood suckas of the Black Community world wide…”  – Repat Nation is the situation – RBG’z up!

Checking the label for misrepresenting Malcolm X in Nicki Minaj’s image for the single “Looking Ass Ni##a, some of the venomous bars include:

“Look at these agent ass ni##as always throwing in your face how they making cheese ni##as. Blood suckers of the hood vampires Blade told me put a stake in these ni##as. Pledged allegiance to the paper ,cocaine, cars, fame, gold chains, chinchilla. Them real mogul ass ni##as all di$k in the booty real homo a!! ni##as. Under dressed over sexed. Weezy Fu%&in’ Baby that sh#t suspect.” 

The onslaught doesn’t stop there however as Al Sharpton, who has a book deal through Cash Money books,  gets checked too!

“Signed Sharpton to a book deal? That ni##as helped crackas try to get Assata killed. Now help me out go figure, why would drug dealers sign a snitch ass ni##a?”

tahir rbg

Gotta respect Tahir RBG for bringing the truth because he definitely holds the mirror to Cash Money’s face.  You got to support real-Hip-Hop and those doing it for the love our people.  Support Tahir RBG and cop his music here.  

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