New Video Alert: Welcome to Negrotown (Key & Peele)

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Welcome to #Negrotown

Posted by Key & Peele on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Comic geniuses Key & Peele perfectly skewer racism and race relations in their latest skit that’s all about a simple, slap-happy place called Negrotown.

“What, like, Atlanta?”

No, Key, not Atlanta — somewhere better where these kinds of things happen, according to our tour guide Wally:

“In Negrotown, you can walk the street without getting stopped, harassed or beat.”

“You won’t get followed when you try to shop. You can wear your hoodie, and not get shot!”

“That loan application can’t get turned down — you’re always approved in Negrotown.”

“No (stupid) white folks touching your hair, or stealing your culture and claiming it’s theirs.”

“Hanging out in a group doesn’t make you a gang. Every word that you say ain’t considered slang.”

If the following video offends you, don’t get mad because of it. Start a conversation with your neighbor or co-worker and perhaps real changes will come about from that. Enjoy the video!

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