New York Judge Puts The Brakes on Bobby Shmurda Bail Release

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Bobby-Shmurda-Bobby-BitchA Manhattan judge just decided that rapper Bobby Shmurda bail package didn’t meet the criteria necessary for the rapper to gain his freedom. Our reporter was in the courtroom when the judge stated that there wasn’t enough equity in the property that was proposed as collateral for Bobby Shmurda’s bond release. The judge then amended his bond requirements to include assets that are owned by the family member who will be signing his bond. The rapper was able to let those in attendance for him to know that he loved them. His next hearing is scheduled for next January.

He faces 5 charges, on 8 counts, including conspiracy to commit 2nd degree murder, conspiracy to commit 2nd degree assault, weapons and narcotics charges. Among those, here is some of what is alleged:

  • He was present when shots were fired in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Supreme Court Building in January 2013.
  • In a telephone conversation, he told another gang member that he shot a member of a rival gang in May 2013.
  • He was involved in the sale of narcotics, including the sale of crack-cocaine.
  • In a phone conversation, another gang member alleged that Shmurda was carrying two guns, saying, “Your boy Bobby out here with 2 CDs [code for guns] on him like he in the wild wild west or something.” This was April 2014.
  • In a phone conversation, Shmurda accuses another gang member of hurting the narcotics business by being too aggressive with members of a rival gang. “He movin’ aggressive and you can’t do that when you tryin’ to make money,” he said in May 2014.
  • He shot into a crowd of people, shattering a barber shop window, in June 2014. A string of calls between other GS9 guys suggests that he had been pretending to shoot one of their own.
  • Shmurda was arrested with another gang member for possession of two guns and narcotics paraphernalia in June 2014.
  • A telephone conversation between two GS9 gang members suggests that Shmurda’s family in New York were a source for firearms.

While these charges sound extremely serious, the rapper’s attorney state the charges is a “bunch of bullshit”, but of course that remains to be seen. Story developing.

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