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On September 2nd, Nicki Minaj, a big part of the Cash Money Family including actor turned rapper Drake, Wayne and many more announced the release date of her highly anticipate album entitled “Pink Friday.” Its set to release November 23rd, 2010.

This entire year has been HUGE for this female MC; shes collaborated with some real heavy hitters, has been gracing the covers of magazines and giving females a better look in the rap game. A female MC’s image of being “just one of the guys” and wearing big shirts and baggy jeans; Nicki has embraced her natural curves and gives you “Barbie.”

Many insist that she swagger jacked style from the 90s female rapper Lil’ Kim, but even if she did, at the end of the day Nicki is putting out bangers. Nicki Minaj has singles for days; its always gonna be there especially with her sassy-in-your-face lyrical deliverance many females NOW try to emulate.

We still love you Lil’ Kim and you will forever be one of the first female MCs to pave the way!

Nicki has stated in recent interview with Paper Magazine, “this album is my heart and soul.” “This is me explaining every single relationship that I’ve ever been in and explaining it in a way that every woman in this world can understand it.”

Nicki, lets keep making them bangers; I know you will have no problem with doing just that. Its Barbie B*****.

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